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Apr 23, 2018

Audrey, Sebastian, and Abby Ann take on Yodel Boy, the passing of Barbara Bush and more on the Quest for Joe Biden.

02:56 The Uk Hates Straws

04:25 Killer Bees

07:00 Drunk Mountain Climbing

08:21 Yodel Boy

09:56 Our New Friend Caitlin Talks About Joe Biden

23:14 RIP Barbara Bush

27:13 Little Mice, Big Stash

28:58 Our...

Apr 10, 2018

Audrey, Sebastian and guest Hannah take on Stranger Things, zoos giving away poo, seagulls, and national teachers strikes.

00:00 INTRO

01:16 Audrey Throws Up

01:49 Alligator Goes Swimming

03:25 Detroit Zoo Gives Away Poo

04:48 Chimp Throws Poo

05:56 Big Mama Passed Away

07:48 Our Friend Emmanuel

12:25 Man Seeks Mercy...