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Mar 31, 2018

Audrey, Sebastian and all-star guest Connor talk about stolen oranges, crazy Uber things, a chat with Chris Blue and The March For Our Lives.

00:00 Intro - Our Guest Conner

00:33 The Earth Is Flat Rocket Man

03:10 Uber Stops Self Driving Cars

05:24 Uber Down The Stairs

07:32 Stolen Spanish Oranges

10:28 Criminal Mastermind P. Phil

12:44 The March For Our Lives

17:45 Joe Biden Invited

18:48 Naked Trump

20:29 The Last Blockbuster Store

24:22 Our Friend Presley

30:21 Connor's Funny Story

32:36 Our Friend Mary Austin

40:00 Let's Call Chris Blue

46:06 The Close and Connor's final thought